Hello, my name is Paige Daron Hahs / Lover of  Lyric Videos / I share Way Too Much of my Life On The Internet / Obsessed with Handlettering I enjoy being Positive Paige / You can find me always Scribbling In My Journal / I have the best Playlists 

I was created to create so that’s why I created a YouTube channel! Wooohooo! Yay! This is really happening for real this time!

On my channel, I plan to post videos all about graphic design, music, fashion, wellness, positivity, art, business, pop culture, and the human experience. I know that’s an overwhelming amount of genres so let me break it down for you.

Graphic Design:
I majored in graphic design in college so I will make videos all about projects, tutorials, and advice related to graphic design.


Since I love music, I will make videos about my Spotify playlists, artists I love, and animations I’ve made for specific artists.


I always thought I would be a model, so I will post outfit videos and fashion advice videos.


Since mental health is very important for me, I will do my research and provide engaging and helpful videos for those who feel mentally ill or just need a little motivation.


In 2014 I created a Twitter account called @positivepaige and since then, Positive Paige has become my personal brand. In these videos, I will discuss how you can live a more well-rounded, positive life and how you can integrate positivity into everything you do.


Along with graphic design, I love all other types of art so I will make videos that stem from several different art disciplines.


Although I do not have my own business, I will take the knowledge I have about business and marketing and make videos about how people can succeed in their job or company.


Pop Culture:

I love some good pop culture so I will make videos on timely celebrity happenings like award show red carpets, music announcements, and general news.


The Human Experience:
Since I love making deep connections with people and asking myself deep questions, I will roll out a series of videos that allow real and raw questions to be asked and answered. In addition, I will make motivational videos that make you feel like you’re watching the end of an indie film.


So yeah, that’s it! I know that’s a lot, but that’s because I want to do a lot and I love a lot of things! Hahaha! I can’t wait to start making these videos that will inspire you and motivate you to live your dream life! You can search Paige Hahs on YouTube to watch my videos and you can follow @paigehahs on Instagram and Twitter where I will show behind the scenes content. Happy watching! Stay positive!